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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Training for Music Library Staff

We're putting together a useful collection of quick training links so that we can all familiarise ourselves with the best of our electronic resources.  The collection will be on the Library pages of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's Mahara site, so all staff and students in the RCS community can access them.

Here's a preview of the first:- British Library Sounds

British Library Sounds is a collection of archival sound recordings.  Case-studies offer quick podcasts about different aspects of the collection.  Try Emily Worthington, a music researcher, or Paul Long on jazz. Other podcasts desribe working on accents and dialects.  Click here then choose an enthusiast!

Example of recent query: Enquirer wanted to know about an early record label.  British Library Sounds had several podcasts by an expert in recording history.

FYIPodcast of a visit to the British LIbrary Sound Archive

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