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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Telling the World about Teaching Artistry

Breakfast at Fitzwilliam College!
Rising at 4 am, breakfasting at 10 - conference habits!
Teaching Artists, Teaching Librarians

Whilst Karen was at the IAML UK and Ireland* Annual Study Weekend in Cambridge last weekend, she had the dubious privilege of being the first speaker  at the academic music librarians’ seminar.  She talked about the Teaching Artist short credit-rated course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland!   (Indeed, she'd worked away at her teaching plan and theoretical study during her annual leave, so she could talk about it at this seminar.)  Another librarian there made a Storify page about the session, so here we are for all the world to see!   

Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn

Do academic librarians need teaching skills?  How does a chartered librarian establish a place in the community of teaching artists?  Karen's PowerPoint is here.

* The International Association of Music Libraries, UK and Ireland Branch. 

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