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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Georg Frideric Handel and his Web Presence

People have spent whole careers studying Handel's music, and there are many resources available for today's musicians.  Today we'll share just a few websites for starters! 

In association with The Handel Institute, Handel scholar David Vickers established the  website.  (The Whittaker Library has two of Vickers' books - you can find them here.)

Meanwhile, The Foundling Museum in London has an excellent website, introducing the Gerald Coke Handel Collection, and all the exhibitions and activities at the museum.

Jürgen Kloss  shares with us an excellent site hosted by the Händel-Haus in Halle, where there's loads of useful information, supplemented by a generous helping of digitized scores.  The very first one Karen looked at was a score published by London's own prolific eighteenth century music publisher, John Walsh.  Plenty to look at there, then.

Looking at the history of the long-defunct Vauxhall Gardens, now a long-distant memory,  provides valuable context for social music in Handel's times; the Vauxhall Gardens website was established in support of David Coke and Alan Borg's book on Vauxhall Gardens' history.  Not a Handel website, but fascinating for all the detail of contemporary musicians and concerts.

Why Handel? Why today?  No particular reason - just some nice websites that Karen came across!

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