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Monday, 2 December 2013

Scotland's Future: Your Guide to an Independent Scotland

The Scottish Government has sent copies of the referendum guide to libraries across the country.  The Whittaker Library has five copies, which have already been catalogued and added to stock for consultation by our readers.  Find a copy on the shelves here.  Always keen to be ahead of the game, the Whittaker Library wonders if it's one of the very first libraries to get their copies added to stock and available for borrowing! 
A useful weblink for you:

Here's the latest from their homepage today (2 December 2013):-

"From the blog

Scotland’s Future: Statement to the the Scottish Parliament

With permission, Presiding Officer, I would like to make a statement on Scotland’s Future, the Scottish Government’s comprehensive guide to an independent Scotland, which was published earlier today and made available to all members from 10 o’clock this morning. Scotland’s Future runs to 670 pages and 170,000 words. It is the most detailed prospectus for…"

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