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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Artistic Research Education - free downloadable handbook

European League of Institutes of the Arts


This is a posting about a downloadable handbook for anyone involved in teaching researchers in the arts.  Not just performing arts, this is for all arts disciplines!

Announcing the SHARE Handbook for Artistic Research Education

The SHARE Handbook for Artistic Research Education, is now available in digital form and can be downloaded

More from the most recent ELIA Newsletter:-

"The publication was first presented at 'Research in the Arts, A European Infrastructure' in Brussels, hosted by the LUCA School of Arts, on 25 November 2013. It is the outcome of three years of work by SHARE, an international network working to enhance the ‘third cycle’ of arts research and education in Europe.   
SHARE is an acronym for ‘Step-Change for Higher Arts Research and Education’ (a ‘step-change’ being a major jump forward, a key moment of progress).  The SHARE network brings together a wide array of graduate schools, research centres, educators, supervisors, researchers and cultural practitioners, across all the arts disciplines [...]
 The SHARE Handbook for Artistic Research Education is a poly-vocal document, designed as a contribution to the field of artistic research education from an organisational, procedural and practical standpoint. As a provisional disclosure of the state of the art within specific constituencies, this publication seeks to be serviceable to many different agendas and projects, and it attempts to do this by demonstrating the lived contradictions of what is simultaneously both an emerging and fully formed domain of research education.

ELIA will continue SHARE network activities, pushing the agenda for artistic research and further developing this research community, together with global partners and collaborative networks for research within the arts.

Hardcopies of the book will be available at the
ELIA Biennial Conference 2014 in Glasgow (13-15 November 2014). In the interim, copies can be ordered at the cost of shipping by contacting ELIA Office Manager Johan Deeder at"

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