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Friday, 15 November 2013

Wee 18th Century Tunebook in Inverclyde Archives

An 18th century tunebook turned up in Inverclyde Archives at the Watt Library in Greenock earlier this year.

This weekend, the public has the opportunity to explore some of the archives' treasures, and there will be two talks by Inverclyde Archivist Neil Dickson and Dunbartonshire Archivist Christopher Cassells.  And of course, the wee Hugh Cameron tunebook will be on display.  It's dated 1709, but the musical contents are from around 1782.

Whittaker Library Music librarian Karen McAulay attended a press launch earlier this week and there's an article in the Greenock Telegraph today, Friday 15th November 2013.  There'll also be a mention on Newsround on Radio Scotland at 16.50 today, or catch it on iPlayer.

More about Hugh Cameron and his book ...

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