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Thursday, 2 May 2013

How can a performing arts library encourage creativity?

Our mission is to encourage creativity in the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland community.

We tend our stock carefully - like a garden, weeding and sowing (but not watering - that would be crazy!).  Books, electronic media, music, sound and video recordings all go into the mix.  That's what libraries do.  We try to provide the materials you need, and other inspirational things for you to find.

We try to keep the environment appropriate for study.  And we talk to our plants!  (Quietly.)

We have library events, like book launches, to bring people into the library and give them an insight into the authors' thought processes.  Quite often, there's live music, or reading poetry/prose from the author's work.  And we exhibit appropriate library materials, again in the hope something might just catch your eye, intrigue or inspire you.

How else can we encourage and foster your creativity?   Do respond to this posting or speak to the library staff!

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