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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Gaelic names of Pibrochs : Concise Dictionary edited by Roderick D. Cannon

Gaelic names of pibrochs: Concise Dictionary

A very useful resource - uploaded February 2013.  You'll find it here, on Ross Anderson's webpages.*

Now, there is also another document by Roderick Cannon, on the National Library of Scotland website.  Don't be confused - it looks the same, but it's not!  Headed, "Gaelic names of Piobearachds" online, the article is actually entitled 'Gaelic names of pibrochs' - just like the new concise dictionary.  Barnaby Brown says that it is 'a companion publication, very different', and advises us that the Concise Dictionary complements the classification article.  Here is the article.

* It's worth noting that Ross Anderson's website is extensive (to say the least); pipers will find a plethora of useful bagpipe information there, at

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