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Friday, 4 January 2013

Indonesian CDs - and a sinking heart

 2013 Challenge #1

'Whittaker' eagerly opened the two boxes of Indonesian CDs, kindly gifted by another HE Library which was discarding them. There are two problems.  No-one on the library staff reads Thai script.  Some of the CDs have little or nothing in our own Roman alphabet.  This means cataloguing them poses an intriguing challenge!  And the vast majority of the CDs are from BHISMA (Balinese Historical and Instructional Study Material Archive). They're in a series, with titles in the Roman alphabet, but the titles mean nothing to us!

Step 1.  Find out if we have any Thai students ...
Step 2.  See if there exists a listing of the entire series of CDs from BHISMA ...

[Watch this space!]

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