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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Music Sack

What's in the sack?  Well, this is a new resource to me. 

Here it is -

The homepage says that it offers ...

1,000,000 People -- 300,000 Books and Articles -- 8,963 Bands and Groups -- 880 Cathedrals and Churches -- 11,793 concerts -- The Pianist in Concert 151,482 performances -- Theatres
What I am keen to find out is where the information came from, and whether it's ever updated.  It's compiled by Frank Greene, and there's a page giving more background - here.  Phew! There's an enormous amount of background, aims, objectives - this guy aims to index a phenomenal amount of material - and ultimately to have other people doing it too.  So that makes it a wiki of sorts.  How has he done what he's done?  Well, there's a link with the music library at the University of Toronto.  (I've been there - it's a good place.)  I'll dig deeper, and let you know!

Meanwhile - have fun exploring.

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