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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Musique concrete - in this case, Portuguese trams

Lisbon tram (Canstockphoto)
Truth to tell, I'm not a fan of trams. However, the town of Lisbon has commissioned a musical work using everyday sounds.  The tram museum is the setting for the first 'movement', using sounds of the trams themselves.

Here's the Youtube link.  And the introduction to it:-

CARRIS itself - is a specific complement of the "Lisbon itself" (musical work to be completed in 2013, using only the sounds of the city of Lisbon, which include, of course, the sounds of electric buses and CARRIS) and which the author, musician Pedro Castanheira, used the sounds of the most varied collections of objects MUSEUM OF RAIL.
Pedro Castanheira is a cinematographer,artist and composer. (My Portuguese is non-existent, I'm afraid.)

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