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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Important announcement if you use Diigo

Diigo's domain was hacked for 48 hours earlier this week - they used temporarily, but all is back to normal now at  All you need to keep track of your social bookmarking favourites!

Diigo kept us informed of progress, and assure us our data was not compromised, so full marks to them for keeping the show on the road during the crisis.

I'm now seconded part-time to a research project on historic Scottish fiddle accompaniments - as my Diigo favourites probably reflect.


Vernon Fowler said...

Thanks for posting the (temporary?) fix for continuing with Diigo. I wonder if blog widgets will also need to be updated - or should we hold off until is recovered and restored?

Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Whittaker Library said...

It is already fixed - just two days after the hacking occurred.
If you have made no temporary changes, I understand everything should work as usual.

(Anyone who temporarily accessed needs to revert to the proper now.) Whittaker should get commission for this ...!!