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Friday, 24 August 2012

Whittaker realises he's a Teenager

Noting The Thesis Whisperer's second birthday celebrations (see previous posting) made 'Whittaker' really think.

The Thesis Whisperer is two years old, and what a couple of years we've witnessed!  A roaring success, and so far not a toddler tantrum in sight.

Whittaker Live, on the other hand, has now entered the terrible teens.  We could be moody, sullen, capricious and defiant.  We could.  (Harry Enfield's 'Kevin becomes a Teenager' is scarily close to reality.)  But the original William Gillies Whittaker, former Principal of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music, would certainly not have approved.  So, we move forward with dignity, and continue to build upon our modest success to date.  Not, admittedly, the rapid worldwide success of our young friend The Thesis Whisperer, but steady progress all the same.

What has been our most successful posting?  Hard to say, but postings about our own events go down well, as do postings about study skills and useful study-related websites.  Our name-change last September brought significantly increased interest in the website, and we've kept the We are Celebrating page on our sidebar to preserve the memory of all those Scotland-wide concerts and other happenings.

Our aim is to bring useful weblinks and information to performing arts students and professionals. So if you've visited Whittaker Live before, or even if this is your first visit, do tell us what you like - and what you'd like to see more of. 

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