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Thursday, 12 July 2012


Don't you love it when things coincidentally line up in front of you?

Thankfully, ours is smarter!
Going through some donations in the Whittaker Library, Vol.6 of British Minstrelsie turned up. It's a late nineteenth collection of fairly mainstream national songs.  Now then, we already have Vols.1-5 - so the donated Vol.6 completes the set.  Nice. 

Nicer still, is the realisation that J. Cuthbert Hadden, who contributed an introductory essay, 'Some Characteristics of National Music', directly quotes the Colin Brown whose book I've been studying at home - a Scottish song collection, The Thistle, by Colin Brown and James Merrylees.

A week ago, I knew nothing about either book.  Funny how things work out!

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