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Thursday, 5 July 2012

RIN (Research Information Network) past and present

Something to watch ... a new collaboration supporting digital literacy in research,


The Research Information and Digital Literacies Coalition

This new group has been set up to bring together stakeholders in a variety of research, research support and library/information organisations.  Watch its progress here.

RIN (the Research Information Network) has changed in recent months, but there's a webpage listing some of their formative reports.  We have most of them here at the Whittaker Library in the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Catalogue link), but here are the links to the digital versions.  Quoting directly, with due acknowledgement to RIN:-

"Links to RIN publications 2005-2011

... reports and other publications produced by RIN in its previous incarnation during the period 2005 to 2011 ... listed in reverse chronological order.


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Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Whittaker Library said...

Thank you - you are very kind. I find Whittaker Live and social media very rewarding. Do please make contact through the website - or you can follow me on Twitter @karenmca.