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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Finding Scottish Fiddle Music

Whaur's the Fiddle Music?

As soon as you start looking for Scottish fiddle music in the Whittaker Library, you realise that it isn't all in exactly the same place!

This isn't a problem, of course - it's all in the catalogue.  (Where it ends up being shelved depends on what kind of accompaniment is provided.)

You can search the catalogue online to see what we've got.  Type in keywords from the author or title, or try some of these terms.  (If you're feeling clever, you can combine a few of them!)

  • Fiddle music
  • Scottish music
  • Violin1 (Yes, that's all one word!)
  • Dance music
  • Cape Breton
  • Scottish diaspora
You might also like to look for other kinds of music, such as Bagpipe music.

The Music and Academic Services Librarian in the Whittaker Library at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire is quite well-informed about Scottish songbooks, too.  More of that another time ...!

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