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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

British Library Sounds website

You lucky, lucky people!

The Whittaker Library database page provides a link to the British Library Sounds website - it used to be called Archival Sounds Recordings, so you might not have realised that there's been a name-change.

There is so much there!  The homepage is, and it encompasses all this:-

  • Accents and dialects
  • Arts, literature and performance
  • Classical music
  • Environment and nature
  • Jazz and popular music
  • Oral history
  • Sound recording history
  • World and traditional music
  • Sound maps

  • You'll realise immediately that there is something here for just about every performer in the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland!  Actors - take a look at the first couple of categories.  Musicians - well, it's obvious, really!  Jazz? Yes, it's there.  Scottish musicians and community musicians will find plenty under the oral history, world and traditional music headings.

    There are more useful links here:-

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