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Thursday, 28 June 2012

From Jordanhill to Cowcaddens with love

First there was the Normal School in Cowcaddens, for trainee teachers.

Then it moved to Jordanhill campus.  "Whittaker's" late mother-in-law was amongst the first intake to the new college.  (She played the piano for Royal Scottish Country Dance Society matriarch, Miss Jean Milligan, who was on the Jordanhill staff.)

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Jordanhill College subsequently became the Jordanhill campus of the University of Strathclyde.  However, the campus now lies empty. 

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Earlier this week, "Whittaker" was offered some choral materials left behind in the library there.  We couldn't take them all, but we've offered a good home to some Scottish choral song arrangements.  Check our catalogue here.

So, although these scores haven't made the round trip, the wheel has in some senses turned full circle.  From Cowcaddens to Jordanhill and back.  And Miss Peggy Fyfe from Maryhill, who married in Newcastle to become Mrs Margaret McAulay, is succeeded by another Mrs (Dr) McAulay back in Glasgow, working in what was the Athenaeum (Peggy's Uncle John's favourite haunt), and cataloguing scores from what was Jordanhill College.  It's a small world.

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