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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Emily Smith is on sparkling form

Emily's latest album
'Whittaker' spotted an article in the Evening Times promoting Emily Smith's gig at Paisley Arts Centre on Saturday evening.  As one of our Scottish music alumni, clearly it was Whittaker's bounden duty to go and hear her.  But who would accompany Whittaker?

Let's just say that an unenthusiastic 13-year old was cheerful by the interval, and volunteered the information that he had enjoyed the concert, by the time we left.  Emily worked a miracle right beside me, there!  

Accompanied by Jamie McClennan and Matheu Watson, Emily offered a delightfully varied repertoire, great banter - and it has to be said that Jamie and Matheu played an encore with demonic enthusiasm at the end.  It was exhausting just watching them!  (Had you been on the Rockstar or Relentless, Jamie? or was it just natural brilliance.)

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