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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Oracle Speaks (well, translates)

Song and Lieder translation sources

It's official - I'm an oracle! 

But it's tough being an oracle, so here are a couple of DIY song translation websites!  They might help you get the translations you need for your recital programme.

The one we subscribe to is IPA Source - it's on our database page, and it's accessible on-site only, to staff and students of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.  No notes, just pronunciation and translations.

However, there's another database called the Lied, Art Song and Choral Texts Archive - worth a look if you haven't found the song you're looking for.  Same idea as above.

Lastly, you could always look for recordings in the library, to see if there are translations in the sleeve-notes. 

Or try IMSLP (The Petrucci Music Library).  These are digitised old scores.  You might only get the original words and quite possibly no translation, but if you need words for a programme, this is better than nothing.

(Of course, you know the moral of the story?  Start looking for your translations nice and early, to assist the people typing up your programmes for you!)

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