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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Opening the Oyster's Shell: better ways of searching the catalogue

Better ways of searching for library materials

Try for yourself - or ask a librarian!
Suppose you want a book about arranging tunes.  Entering 'arranging' in the search box may not be the best approach - you get too many results!

Try clicking the more search options link under the search button.  You can now refine your search with all or any of these choices:-

  • Specify words that MUST be in your search
  • Specify words that must NOT be in your search
  • Specify a range of words, any of which might be relevant
  • Specify the kind of material you want, eg a recording, a book, or a score
Here's an example.  Searching on 'arranging' yields far too many results.  Same for 'arrangement'.  And if you particularly want jazz materials, you're in luck - but maybe you don't want this.

  • A better way of searching, using the more search options link, would be to enter 'arrangement arrange arranging' in the AT LEAST ONE OF THE WORDS search box. 
  • Enter 'jazz' in the NONE OF THESE WORDS box. 
  • Select Music book from the options in the COLLECTIONS box.
Do ask any of the Library staff if you need help constructing a search.  We've got years of experience between us!

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