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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Scottish minstrels and Welsh bards - 'Whittaker' went to Cardiff

Scottish minstrels and Welsh bards

'Whittaker' (Oh, okay - Karen McAulay) has just returned from Cardiff where UK and Irish music librarians held the IAML(UK and Ireland) Annual Study Weekend this year.

Edward Jones's collection
Having done a PhD on Scottish song-collecting c.1760-1888, it came as a bit of a surprise to find myself writing a paper on Welsh bards.  (Not just collecting the repertoire, but the bards themselves.  Oral repertoire is that much harder to pin down, as we all know.)  Scroll down to find the link to my Diigo Welsh music favourites.  Social bookmarking is the way to go, in this Web 2.0 age.  I love it.  I add relevant tags and pull things together into lists that I can share - it's a brilliant idea.

Diigo list - Welsh music links

As promised to the delegates - and IAML (UK and Ireland) members who weren't able to attend - here's the link to my PowerPoint. 

NB   I'm afraid there is no written 'script', but I hope to write up my talk for publication in Brio in due course.

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