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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Red Note calls for Scores

Here's an opportunity for our composers! Click on the link for more info.  Quoting from the Red Note website ...
28 May @ Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Composers from anywhere are invited to submit scores and materials for performance at this event with the following stipulations:

  1. *The ensemble will be Violin, Cello and freebass Accordion. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding how to notate for any of these instruments.
  2. *No scordatura (re-tuning of the strings) is allowed.

* All of the music must be written in pop music’s favourite time signature - 4/4 - throughout.

  1. *Preference will be given to submissions supplied with a backing track, in true pop style.
  2. *The backing track should be 2 channels: Left channel click track (for in-ear headphones for the players), Right channel mono audio (for front-of-house playback), in mp3 format (192 kbps or higher preferred)
  3. *The maximum length of all submissions is 5 minutes.
  4. *All materials (score and parts at time of submission, please) supplied in pdf format (with a download link for click track audio if necessary via e.g. dropbox) by 5pm on Monday 14th May to john (at)
  5. *Late submissions will not be considered.

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