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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

How's your social networking?

'Whittaker' has just had lunch with the Thesis Whisperer, aka Inger Mewburn of RMIT University, Melbourne.  Having tweeted and emailed, and provided a few blogposts about the library side of research for Inger's The Thesis Whisperer research support blog, it was fantastic to have the opportunity to meet up in real life.  (I did my bit for Scotland - Inger now knows what haggis tastes like!)

Apart from having the opportunity to discuss research matters, it was great just to have the chance to network.  The remarkable thing, though, is that twenty years ago we wouldn't have even known each other existed. 

Oh, and I've offered to write another blogpost - on crowdsourcing.  When I've posted the book manuscript and written up my IAML(UK and Ireland) paper, I shall get started on that.  Watch this space!

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