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Monday, 30 April 2012

Composer Wanted


Poet Donald Campbell seeks Composer

Poet and playwright Donald Campbell, best known for his many plays, including The Jesuit and The Widows of Clyth, is looking for a composer to work with him on his new project.
This project is an English translation of the classic Gaelic poem, The Birlinn of Clanranald by Alasdair McMhaister. More info ...
Come on, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland composers - anyone ready to seize this opportunity?

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Pekka Lunde aka Pekkanini said...

Well, it seems like an interesting project! I'm a Swedish composer/musician/theremin player. I've written original music for more than 100 theater plays here in Sweden! Visit me on
Best wishes!
Pekka Lunde aka Pekkanini