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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Research Matters

I have a load of free leaflets and reports which I’ve offered before, but still there are some left.  Rather than just throw them out, I’ve left them at the library enquiry desk.  If they don’t go from there, I’ll put them in the café-bar next week.  (We have copies catalogued in library stock as well - AND they're available online, see links above.)

Staff or students of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland are welcome to come and take any of the following:-
  • The creative researcher
  • The balanced researcher
  • The engaging researcher
  • Social media: a guide for researchers
  • E-only scholarly journals
  • Reinventing research?  Information practices in the humanities
  • If you build it, will they come?  How researchers perceive and use web 2.0
  • E-journals, their use, value and impact
  • The role of research supervisors in information literacy
Don’t forget to keep an eye on Whittaker Live at over the vacation.  Term might stop – ‘Whittaker’ doesn’t stop blogging about performing arts related weblinks!

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