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Friday, 16 March 2012

Bertil Palmar Johansen - Strings

CD of contemporary Norwegian string compositions added to Whittaker Library stock:-

Bertil Palmar Johansen CD, 'Strings'.  The final track, 'Lyar: for cello solo' is particularly lovely.

  • On a spring string (6:20) -- String quartet no. 1 : Songs of the nightingale (10:00) -- Cantus for violin solo (5:58) -- Ricercare for string trio (17:00) -- Capriccio for viola solo (10:39) -- Duo fantasies (for two violins) (11:00) -- Lyar for cello solo (9:24).  (See catalogue entry here ...)

  • More about Bertil Palmar Johansen - visit his website.
  • Music available through the Norwegian Music Information Centre, hereThe Norwegian name is MIC Norsk musikkinformasjon (just so you know!)

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