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Monday, 27 February 2012

Whittaker's round-up

Lots of useful snippets have drifted into Whittaker's net of late.  So, here's Whittaker's round-up:-
  • Teach faster, Write more (article by Susanne Morgan, for research support website Academic Ladder's February ezine)
  • Pseuds' corner (identifying bad books - a THE article by Daniel Melia, 9 February 2012)
  • Writing for peer-reviewed journals (strategies for getting published): forthcoming book by Pat Thomson and Barbara Kamler (Royal Conservatoire researchers - should we order this?)
  • Re-skilling for research: a report from RLUK
  • 201 years ago, 26 February 1811.  Yesterday (Sunday) was the anniversary of the death of James Johnson, instigator and publisher of the Scots Musical Museum. Genuinely a major contribution to Scottish song performers, collectors, scholars and aficionados.  He collaborated with Robert Burns for his seriously big-time, six-volume collection.  A worthy candidate for our "On this day" series of Scottish musical history facts.
  • Postgraduate course in Arts management (Vienna)
  • Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace Festival at the Scottish Storytelling Centre this week.

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