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Friday, 30 December 2011

Whittaker's Magic Carpet

Welsh songbook update

‘Whittaker’ is checking out 19th Century Welsh song collections to see how they compare with Scottish and Irish. A magic carpet to Wales would be nice, but this isn’t really feasible. In the absence of the carpet, we’re trying crowdsourcing. If a songbook has paratext, and particularly if it’s early, it must be seen!  Whittaker is very grateful indeed to the Welsh librarians who have offered to help here.  Looking forward to what 2012 will bring!

Three cheers for COPAC, Mendeley and Twitter!
I'm also using PBWorks as a wiki: Crowdsourcing the Celtic Bard.

In terms of what Whittaker has seen/ not seen:-


  • Jones, Edward - Musical and Poetical Relicks of the Welsh Bards, 1794
  • Jones, Edward - The Bardic Museum, 1802
  • Thomson, George (and Haydn) - A Select Collection of Original Welsh Airs, 1809-17
  • Williams, Maria Jane - Ancient National Airs of Gwent and Morganwg, 1844
  • Richards, Brinley, The Songs of Wales, 1879 (4th ed)
  • Parry, Joseph et al, Cambrian Minstrelsie, 6 vols, 1893-5

  • Jones, Edward - Hen Ganiadau Cymru = Cambro-British Melodies, 1820
  • Parry, John - Cambrian Harmony, 1809
  • Parry, John - A Selection of Welsh Melodies, 1809 & new ed., 1821/2
  • Parry, John - A Collection of Welsh Airs, 1810
  • Parry, John - A Third Volume of Welsh Melodies, 1829
  • Parry, John - The Welsh Harper, 1839, 1848
  • Thomas, John, Merthyr Tydfil - Y Caniedydd Cymreig =The Cambrian Minstrel, 1845
  • Alaw, Owain (John Owen) - Twelve Popular Welsh National Songs, 1859
  • Thomas, John, Thomas Oliphant and; John Jones, Welsh Melodies, 1860
  • Owen, John (Owain Alaw, Pencerdd) - Gems of Welsh Melody, 2 vols, 1860
  • Hulse, Henry, The beaties of Cambrian Melodies, 1863

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