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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Showcasing Digital Theatre Plus

"The best seat in the house is the one you're sitting in."

  • The best of live theatre
  • Documentaries
  • Interviews

Take a look at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland's latest online subscription.  Actually, since the Digital Theatre Plus team are experts in "putting it across", let's see how they describe it themselves:-
" ... a team of theatre makers committed to using new media to enhance the theatre watching experience.  In partnership with some of the UK's leading theatre organisations ... put the audience at the heart of all their work ... 
"... pioneering a new way of capturing live performance on film. By using multi angle HD cameras they're able to pick up the intimacy of a play and the story that unfolds on stage and share it with audiences - wherever they are.

"hugely beneficial to tuning a younger audience into the excitement of theatre. By presenting plays online and complementing them with related documentaries and interviews, Digital Theatre and Digital Theatre Plus are offering access to people, places, productions and a new way of experiencing theatre.

"Creating a relationship with audiences is vital and as new technology moves further and further towards a culture of complete interaction theatre makers are able to push boundaries and explore a shared experience between performer and audience in both a real and virtual space.

Registered  Royal Conservatoire staff and students can contact the Whittaker Library for details of username and password.  Ask next time you're in, or email us using your Conservatoire email account.

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