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Friday, 21 October 2011

The ever-attentive Whittaker

'Whittaker' has been - well, attentive, this week.  There's been a lot of listening and looking going on:-
  • In the Metropolis - 'Whittaker' attended RMA Council meeting (and left Glasgow crazily early enough to see the John Martin exhibition at the Tate Britain)
  • On the Twittersphere - Whittaker spotted new research linking literacy with musicality (blogged it on WhittakerLive, naturally!)
  • In the press - Whittaker flagged up an interesting film exhibition (blogged that on WhittakerLive, too)
  • In person - I've been making it easier to retrieve CDs of electronic music by doing extra subject indexing
  • In person - I've been explaining how to upload articles onto Moodle for class use
  • In person - I've been discussing how to help students develop their research skills
  • In person - wasn't the lunchtime concert fab today?!
- But seriously, Information Services do listen, and we do take on board what our readers say.  So if you need help sourcing information or doing something nifty with Moodle, please do come and ask us!

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