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Friday, 30 September 2011

Know your Scottish musical history

On this day ... 1st October, 1857, Singer-songwriter and collector Marjory Kennedy-Fraser was born.  Her Hebridean song-settings are disdained by many 'traditional' singers nowadays, but they were hugely popular in their time, and are still very atmospheric early-20th century song settings.  Just not direct transcriptions of simple Gaelic melodies!

  • Marjory Kennedy-Fraser's publications in the Whittaker Library at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
  • Marjory's books (as opposed to music) in the Whittaker Library
  • Land of Heart's Desire - an album by RSAMD alumna Lisa Milne - Whittaker Library CD / link
On a different tack, it's less commonly known that on 29th September 1817, another songwriter and collector, Highlander Alexander Campbell wrote to Walter Scott, thanking him for his financial assistance and for employing him as music teacher to Scott's daughters.

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