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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

NOT Roger Whittaker Live!

It's a meercat kind of situation. 

'Whittaker' has just realised that if you Google WhittakerLive, or indeed Whittaker Live, you're likely to find a load of postings for Roger Whittaker Live.

So, to make it perfectly plain, Whittaker Live (as in Whittaker Library of RSAMD, shortly to become the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) is a blog about the performing arts and higher education as it relates to the same.

Roger Whittaker the Anglo-Kenyan singer-songwriter was born in 1936, and has released a number of live albums:-
  • Roger Whittaker Live in Berlin
  • Greatest Hits Live
  • Live in Concert
  • Live (1994)
  • The Last Farewell (Live) 2001
... but despite BEING alive, is unconnected with Whittaker Live the performing arts blog.  The eponymous William Whittaker is deceased, but his memory lives on in the Whittaker Library.

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