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Friday, 12 August 2011

Edinburgh Festivals 2011

'Whittaker' went to Edinburgh yesterday.  NOT to attend the Edinburgh Fringe or Festival - and frankly, it felt as though I was the only person on the Royal Mile having no connection with the Festival madness.

It was pouring with rain.  You couldn't move an inch without bumping into a happy, smiling face wearing a transparent plastic poncho and handing out soggy leaflets.  By pulling my umbrella down well over my face, I managed not to be stopped for the whole mile.  And that was an achievement, believe me - particularly since my brolly must have turned inside out a couple of dozen times by the time I reached the National Library of Scotland.

Still, perhaps the weather will improve and it'll be more fun as a consequence.  If it's still raining, go and see the Banned Books exhibition in the National Library of Scotland, and the newly refurbished National Museum of Scotland.

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