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Saturday, 2 July 2011

#BLGK - Whittaker is at the Growing Knowledge exhibition at the British Library

Multi-Tasking as ever, 'Whittaker' hits London running - en route to an RMA Council Meeting, what better way to spend a birthday than to visit the Growing Knowledge Exhibition?  (It's been on Whittaker's wish-list for some months but 'he' doesn't visit London very often ...)

25 different digital tools to try - better get started!

  • UK Web Archive - fantastic. (I searched 'Gaelic' with the Education and Research filter.  Masses of stuff.)
  • British Library Microsoft Audio Search : turning speech into text (you have to be interested in the sample data for this demo to be much use, to be honest!)
  • British Library Video Server - live content from BBC since May 2011.  (I confess, I searched for Kate Middleton.  I got results!)
  • NYPL Map Rectification (rectify old maps in light of new knowledge. Fascinating. I found a map of Scotland dating from 1701- but couldn't view it in minute detail, which I'd have liked to have done.  Mull was there - but that was about as much as I could see!)
  • Hmmm - Semantic Web technology.  I need a definition!
  • - now this is interesting. You'd be astonished what you can learn about the running of our country (the UK, that is, not just Scotland ....)  2 minutes to find a whole load of meetings about copyright legislation, for example.
  • London Lives (1690-1800) - 'access to 240,000 records from eight archives.  Names, places, occupations and dates ...'  Truly mind-boggling in scope.

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