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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Durham University Library receives Sir John Stainer Archive

"Whittaker" promised to update you about this event: last night, there was an official reception in Durham Castle (one of the University Colleges), then the invited guests went to see the Stainer Exhibition in the old University Library on Palace Green. (It was much changed and improved since "Whittaker's" time in Durham, since it's no longer the main library building but is used as an exhibition space amongst other purposes.)
One of the principal exhibits was the score of Stainer's "The Crucifixion" - open at the famous "God so loved the world."
There was a fabulous concert by Magdalen College Choir, who travelled up from Oxford for the event. No prizes for guessing what the encore was.
And then another post-concert reception. "Whittaker" walked back along the riverbank to the guest-house, slept like a log, and polished off a healthy breakfast before travelling back to the Whittaker Library. 24 memorable hours.

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