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Friday, 3 December 2010

The TESEP Project (another one for teaching & information staff!)

TESEP: Transforming and Enhancing the Student Experience Through Pedagogy (JISC weblink click here.) The summary report of this JISC-funded project extends to 24 pages. Whittaker Live will quote only the opening paragraphs - click on the link to read the whole document.


The TESEP Project started in 2005 and has enabled three institutions (Napier University, Edinburgh’s Telford College and Lauder College) to explore how the transformation of learning, teaching and assessment practice in further and higher education can be driven by e-pedagogy.

TESEP focused on two simple ideas:-

1. To make a real difference to the learner experience, we must engage learners in active and self-directed learning at an early stage in their studies, and [...] encourage them to take responsibility for their learning;

2. Some e-learning approaches can play an important role, particularly where learners can use technology to locate their own material and enable collaborative work [...]

Transforming an institution’s learning, teaching and assessment approach is a complex task. TESEP [...] demonstrated that it is feasible to drive institutional transformation in learning and teaching using pedagogy.

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