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Thursday, 28 October 2010

International Student Christmas - A Cumberland Lodge residential event

International Student Christmas
(Friday 17th - Sunday 19th December 2010)
Cumberland Lodge has been running a Christmas event for international students for over 60 years. This event is mainly for people from overseas who have never been to the Lodge before. This pre-Christmas weekend is the longest established event at Cumberland Lodge. Students from other countries that are currently in Britain are welcome to have a taste of a typical British Christmas with a personal appearance by Father Christmas almost guaranteed. The registration fee is £65, which includes wine, food, shared accommodation and entrance to Windsor Castle. For all registration enquiries please contact:- Janis Reeves Conference Co-ordinator, Cumberland Lodge, The Great Park, Windsor Tel: 01784 497794 Cumberland Lodge is an educational charity - this event is heavily subsidised.
"The time at Cumberland Lodge was unforgettable and I am confident in saying that it was one of my best Christmases ever (even though I did not spend it with my family)..."

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