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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Royal Opera House: What's yours is ours!

Royal Opera House grab creative rights A new posting from The Arts Desk alerts us to alarming developments in contracts at the Royal Opera House. Read on - this is just the beginning of the article:-
For a creator of any kind, keeping control over what happens to their original work is essential. Their creativity is their livelihood, and their reputation is built on it. They protect it fiercely from other people copying it, altering it, selling it - anything in fact which devalues the work and damages the creators’ earning capacity from it. So it has come as a shock to the entire theatrical design community to find that the Royal Opera House appears to have drawn up a new contract for any new commission which will attack this core principle, which is the basis of English and European copyright law. The ROH is demanding that its entire stable of creative talent – directors, set and costume designers, lighting and special effects designers, even composers, choreographers and librettists - sign over to the Royal Opera House all their copyright in their work there - in perpetuity.
Read the whole article here.

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